Project Management Basics - Bridging Theory and Practice

Solidify Your Project Management Foundations with The PM Basics Course. Gain essential project management knowledge through this comprehensive online self-study course, designed to build your foundational skills effectively.

Key Features

  • Watch 19.75 hours of fundamental project management concepts on your phone, tablet, or PC
  • Covers core principles of waterfall, agile, and hybrid project methodologies
  • Course content is expertly updated to reflect the latest trends and practices in project management

Key Benefits

  • Enjoy engaging and efficient online learning tailored for real-world application: This course offers a unique online experience, distinct from conventional classroom training
  • Grasp essential project management principles and apply them confidently in your professional role
  • Elevate your professional profile: Completing this course can open doors and advancements in your current role, marking you as a knowledgeable professional in the industry
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Comprehensive Training Course for Project Management Foundations

The PM Basics Course is your comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of project management. It's a complete training course that includes the lessons you need to establish a strong foundation in project management principles.

Experience the best training with a set of high-quality, self-paced video lessons that cover essential project management concepts.

The PM Basics Course provides you with comprehensive knowledge and skills needed for effective project management in various environments.

By watching The PM Basics Course, you gain access to a series of comprehensive video-based training lessons that cover all fundamental topics in project management, including both traditional and Agile methodologies.

Enhance your understanding of project management and take the next step for your career in project management.

PM Basics Course Overview

Learn by watching video-based training to master the Fundamental and Core Concepts of Project Management. This course provides a thorough understanding of key methodologies and practices and even goes beyond what is typically covered in regular project management classes.

Watch 19.75 hours of video-based lessons

Explore both Plan-Based and Agile Frameworks/Methodologies, essential for modern project management. Our course content is designed and delivered by certified project management professionals.

Receive a Certificate of 19.75 Hours

Upon completion, earn a certificate recognizing your 19.75 hours of project management education, reflecting your commitment to professional development.

Understand Agile & Hybrid Methodologies

This course includes comprehensive training on Agile and Hybrid methodologies, equipping you with the skills to manage projects in today's dynamic environments.

Gain a Solid Understanding of Project Management Fundamentals

Our course ensures a strong grasp of the essential principles and practices of project management, preparing you for real-world application.

Access Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Content

All lessons are updated to reflect the latest trends and practices in project management, ensuring you receive the most current knowledge.

Enjoy Engaging and Efficient Online Learning

This course offers a unique online learning experience, tailored for practical understanding and application, distinct from traditional classroom settings.

Download Lessons for On-the-Go Learning

Designed for busy professionals, download lessons to your phone or tablet using a podcast app and learn project management wherever you are.

Learn from a Trusted and Experienced Education Provider

Since 2008, our courses have helped over 60,000 students understand and apply project management principles. We are committed to providing high-quality, effective training.

Utilize the Learning Management System (LMS)

Track your learning progress with our LMS and revisit lessons as needed. Our system allows you to tailor your learning experience to your specific project management needs.

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In addition to the product itself, the following are included:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Discussion forum access

Access duration to The PM Basics training course video lessons is for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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