PrepCast PMI-ACP Exam Simulator

Get Agile-certified on the first try with The PrepCast PMI-ACP Exam Simulator.

Key Features:

  • 90-day access
  • Four complete exams with 120 questions each for a total of 480 questions.
  • Questions developed by an agile team.
  • Fully updated to the current PMI-ACP Exam specifications.

Key Benefits:

  • Boost your confidence by using a simulator that mimics the actual test-taking environment.
  • Know and understand all concepts for the exam thanks to high-quality sample questions with detailed explanations to help you master it all.
  • Feel ready and prepared to take and pass your PMI-ACP Exam!
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Get Agile-certified on the first try with The PrepCast PMI-ACP Exam Simulator™

The Exam Simulator Questions are FULLY UPDATED for the Current Exam!

Pass Your Agile Certification Exam with Flying Colors

Prepare to pass your PMI-ACP® certification with the best exam prep learning tool that gives you a solid foundation on Agile concepts through the following simulator features:

480 PMI-ACP Exam Sample Questions

Gain access to a pool of 480 high-quality sample questions, all developed to the latest PMI-ACP® exam requirements. The questions cover every exam domain you are being tested on and give you coverage on the Tools & Techniques and Knowledge & Skills you need to pass.

Four Complete Exams With 120 PMI-ACP Test Questions Each

We packaged the 480 questions into four full exams for you. All the questions are grouped so that the 120 questions in each exam closely match the domain percentages on the actual test.

Questions Developed by an Agile Team

The 120 questions you will see on the simulator are developed by a worldwide team of PMI-ACP credential holders. Their knowledge and expertise help enhance the variety of our question pool for you.

Fully Updated to the Latest PMI-ACP Examination Content Outline (ECO)

Because the exam is constantly updated, rest assured that the questions you encounter in our simulator closely mimic the real exam as we review and update the questions to the latest PMI-ACP ECO specifications.

Pass Your PMI-ACP® Exam with Confidence: The Ultimate Exam Simulator

Get ready for your PMI-ACP® Exam and feel one hundred percent confident to pass: use The PMI-ACP® Exam Simulator. As a student who is using The PMI-ACP Exam Simulator for exam preparation, you will immediately benefit in the following ways:

  • Prepare with realistic questions
  • Perfect for active and busy project managers and agile practitioners
  • Learn to manage your exam time
  • Prepares you effectively
  • Increases your confidence
  • Reduces your study time
  • Accessible at anytime
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Nothing to download

Gain confidence on exam day withThe PMI-ACP® Exam Simulator

Answer 480 realistic exam sample questions.

Put your knowledge into practice when you take on realistic sample tests that simulate the test-taking environment on the actual exam day.

Get comfortable with the question types.

The exam simulator gives you the latest types, styles, and difficulty levels for you to expect what the questions will be like on the real test.

Turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

Each question in the exam simulator contains detailed explanations for every answer choice, so you know how to overcome these questions the second time.

Use Live Feedback™ to have your opinion heard.

You are not alone in your exam prep. If you feel the answer is wrong, the explanation is inadequate, or the reference is incorrect, our expert help is only a click away.

Track your improvement and identify weaknesses.

Use the in-depth statistics feature in the exam simulator to drive your study focus. Find out certain topics that you are already good at and need improvement on.

No wasted time: Study Now, Practice Later.

The 90-day simulator access countdown only starts when you take your first exam. You won't lose or waste a single day until you are ready for your first sample test.

Want more details? Check out the detailed product description

For all the details of this product, please visit Premium PMI-ACP Exam Simulator (90-Day Access).

If you need more learning resources, consider the following bundles:

  • The Agile Prepcast Elite: Get The Agile PrepCast PMI-ACP training course as well as the PMI-ACP Exam Simulator
  • The Agile Prepcast Elite Plus: Get The Agile PrepCast PMI-ACP training course, the PMI-ACP Exam Simulator, as well as the StudyCoach Guidebooks for PMI-ACP for your complete PMI-ACP Exam prep.




Your satisfaction with The PMI-ACP Exam Simulator is our goal. If you are not satisfied for any reason, then you can ask for a refund as long as you meet the refund conditions outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

Customers of The PMI-ACP Exam Simulator, who unfortunately didn’t pass their exam, receive a free 90-day extension. Please review the Terms & Conditions for all the details.

In addition to the product itself, the following are included:

  • Email Course: Advanced Exam Strategies
  • Two Exam Worksheets
  • Free Exam Tips Newsletter

This simulator provides access to a professionally developed PMI-ACP online test environment but does not include PMI-ACP Exam prep training or a study plan. If you would also like PMI-ACP training and a tried and true study plan, select The Agile PrepCast Elite PLUS instead.

Your 90-day access to The PM Exam Simulator does not start immediately. Instead, the simulator "waits" for you to log in and start your first exam/quiz. Now the simulator asks, "Do you want to activate your account?" If you answer "Yes, activate", then your 90-day access begins. Activation cannot be paused or reversed.

You have one (1) year after the date of purchase to activate the exam simulator subscription. If you do not activate your exam simulator subscription within one (1) year, then the system will automatically activate it, and your access ends 90 days thereafter.

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