The PM StudyCoach Guidebook for PMP

The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebook is your GPS to the PMP exam and walks you through a complete week-by-week study plan. Make progress towards your certification goal by following our simple and effective plan for your PMP exam prep studies.

Key Features

  • 12-week PMP study plan that is effective and easy to use for you to establish a PMP exam prep study routine
  • Study assignments. Focus on the relevant project management topics with specially-selected study assignments.
  • Includes study strategies and other bonus features

Key Benefits

  • Use your time effectively. Streamline your studies with a 12-week plan for success.
  • Take away the guesswork and worry about what to study next. Follow a proven plan so you can stay focused.
  • The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebook is the perfect complement to The PM PrepCast training lessons & The PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator.
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Your PM StudyCoach™ Guidebook for PMP Success in 12 Weeks.

Speed Up Your Journey to PMP Success!

The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebook is a PMP exam study plan in one easy-to-use package! We’ve mapped out your journey to the PMP exam for you every step of the way. Each chapter of the Guidebook goes in-depth into how to use a section of the PM PrepCast on-demand course, as well as readings from the PMBOK® Guide and other important exam resources.

The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebook covers what you need to study to stay on track, week by week. Inside the Guidebook, you’ll find the following:

Your 12-week plan

Everything you need to know for the PMP exam is broken down into an achievable, week-by-week plan. You’ll be ready to ace the test in just three months. Use the plan to guide your study time, or adapt it to fit around the time you have available.

Study strategies and tips

Each chapter provides strategies and tips to instill healthy studying habits. You can get the most out of your prep time by using effective, research-proven study strategies for exam preparation. You can increase sustainable learning and retention, manage your test anxiety, and boost your confidence for exam day.

What to think about

The first section of each chapter covers 3-5 conceptual questions about this week's topic. They challenge you to "go deep" and think about what the topic means to you personally.

Study assignments

Keep focused on the relevant project management topics with specially-selected study assignments. You’ll learn with various accessible resources in different formats, including PM PrepCast video lessons, quizzes, and full-length exams in the PM Exam Simulator, listening to podcasts, creating flashcards, reading from the PMBOK® Guide, Agile Practice Guide, and other sources.

"Go Beyond" assignments

"Go Beyond" assignments are optional tasks that take you beyond "just" studying project management topics. These assignments are supplemental to the core content. They are specially selected to help you gain greater insight, broaden your knowledge of the content, and ultimately improve your chances for exam success.

Experience-backed, proven study approach

Our study approach is informed by evidence-based teaching practices, proven techniques, and lessons learned from successful test-takers. We emphasize active learning to help you retain and apply knowledge, including activities like reflection exercises, quizzes, self-assessment, spaced practice, and more.

The Perfect Companion to The PM PrepCast™ Elite

The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebook Express has been written to perfectly complement The PM PrepCast Elite, which includes both the PrepCast exam prep course and simulator.

Inside the Guidebook, you'll find references to the relevant lessons and materials in The PM PrepCast. Simply follow the proven 12-week plan, and you'll have covered the topics in the Exam Content Outline before you know it! The Guidebook also walks you through exam prep using The PM Exam Simulator and the all-important Earned Value Formulas. In our experience, students who use The PMP Exam Simulator during their studies have more confidence and higher chances of success.

Your Guided, Self-Paced PMP Study Plan where You Can Go at Your Own Pace

Regardless of how much time you can put aside for PMP study, the Guidebook will help you plan and use that time efficiently. Take the guesswork out of your study: you’ll always know what topics to review next Make studying an easy routine. Save time preparing a study plan from scratch: use our proven roadmap instead!

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The PM StudyCoach Guidebook has been written for PMP exam candidates who want to prepare for the exam with about 12 weeks of study. But note that it is not a “course in a book” that will prepare you for the exam on its own. Instead, it must be used in combination with a self-study PMP exam prep course and simulator (sold separately). The idea is that the guidebook will tell you exactly which lessons to watch and which exams to take, and when.

It works best used in combination with The PM PrepCast Elite, which includes the PrepCast training course and simulator. It may also be helpful if you already own any other PMP exam prep course and exam simulator that closely follow the official PMP exam content outline from PMI. If you do not own a self-study course and simulator, then this guidebook is not for you.

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