The PrepCast CIPP/E Exam Simulator™ - Pass the CIPP/E Exam with Confidence & Competence - 120 Sample Questions - Updated to the Current BoK - Realistic Exam - 90 Day Access

With The PrepCast CIPP/E Exam Simulator™, you will achieve the confidence and competence necessary to pass your Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) exam. Track your progress, identify knowledge gaps, practice under realistic exam conditions, and test yourself on a question pool that is fully updated to the current Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Exam Blueprint. You'll study the most relevant topics, plus the 30-day money-back guarantee is additional peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • 120 exam sample questions
  • 1 complete exam with 90 questions, plus 30 questions in a separate quiz pool - both with unlimited attempts
  • Includes hyperlinked references to GDPR articles, EDPB guidelines, and other relevant sources

Key Benefits:

  • Experience realistic exam conditions and gain confidence in your ability to pass the CIPP/E exam
  • Learn from detailed reasoning behind each correct and incorrect answer, and reinforce your exam knowledge with each attempt
  • Feel truly ready on exam day because you practiced under actual exam conditions
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Prepare With the Best CIPP/E® Exam Simulator on the Market!

New BoK Released - Our CIPP/E Simulator Stands Strong!

The CIPP/E exam’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) has recently been updated.

Rest assured, that a majority of the questions in our current simulator remain relevant and effective for exam preparation. As we work towards aligning our simulator perfectly with the new BoK, we are offering it at a special discounted price of $49, originally priced at $69.

Pass Your CIPP/E Certification Exam with Flying Colors

Prepare to pass your CIPP/E exam with the best exam prep learning tool that gives you a solid foundation on exam concepts through the following simulator features:

120 CIPP/E Exam Sample Questions

Build your confidence with accurate and realistic exam questions. Each question comes with not only a comprehensive explanation for the question as a whole but also a detailed explanation for every answer choice, both correct and incorrect, along with hyperlinked references to enhance your knowledge.

One Complete Exam With 90 Questions

Improve your time management by practicing under actual exam conditions. Use our proven test-taking strategies and learn exactly what the exam will be like.

Separate Quiz Pool With 30 Questions

Check your progress by Domain with targeted short quizzes. Test yourself in a focused way to review the material you are studying and identify areas where you need to improve. Then check your learning with another quiz and track your scores directly in the simulator.

Fully Updated to the Latest Body or Knowledge and Exam Blueprint

Rest assured the questions, the percentage for each domain and the distribution of the topics among the various subdomains are aligned with the latest Body or Knowledge and Exam Blueprint so you are always studying in the most relevant way. We regularly monitor exam developments so we can bring you top-quality questions and study materials.

Simulator Questions That Make the Actual CIPP/E Exam Easier to Pass

You’ve probably heard stories about how tough it is to pass the CIPP/E exam as you aim to get certified. Well, what you’ve heard is true.

With The PrepCast CIPP/E Exam Simulator™, you’ll gain access to full exam samples that mimic the real test environment as closely as possible. Practicing the simulator's highly realistic questions will boost both your competency and confidence in taking the CIPP/E exam.

Here are four items in the simulator that help you answer the question "Am I ready for the CIPP/E exam?":

  1. Statistics from other students’ results enable you to aim for an informed target score. (In development)
  2. The ability to identify and focus on your educational gaps with detailed exam reports to dive into your performance by Domain.
  3. The high-quality questions and detailed per-response explanations aligned with the latest Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint.
  4. A realistic environment that mirrors the experience of taking the real exam and helps you get used to the features you’ll see in your computer-based test.

Begin Your Journey to CIPP/E Certification Today!

Never feel unprepared with The PrepCast CIPP/E Exam Simulator - Where absolute confidence meets test-taking competence

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Customers of The CIPP/E Exam Simulator, who unfortunately didn’t pass their exam, receive a free 90-day extension. Please review the Terms & Conditions for all the details.

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You have one (1) year after the date of purchase to activate the exam simulator subscription. If you do not activate your exam simulator subscription within one (1) year, then the system will automatically activate it, and your access ends 90 days thereafter.

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