The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide

Make studying formulas for the PMP Exam easy and focus on what you truly need to pass: The ability to interpret results over being able to apply complex formulas to numbers.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-follow guide to walk you step-by-step through the formulas and how to interpret the results
  • 160 sample questions (70 interpretational)
  • Updated for the current PMP exam and formula question style

Key Benefits:

  • Master answering the all-important interpretational questions on your exam
  • Know the math, the formula and how to analyze PMP questions
  • Be ready for any formulas PMI throws at you
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Do you know how to analyze and interpret the numbers coming out of your project management software tools? For example, what would you do next if you learned that your project’s Planned Value (PV) is higher than budgeted? You’ll need to know that for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam.

The exam tests your ability to understand the concepts behind the math. You may face questions, including data or graphs, where you will have to determine what they mean for the project and choose the right course of action.

The PMP exam changed in 2021, and the focus now is less on knowing how to do the math - we have calculators and tools in real life to help with that - and more on understanding how that data influences decisions on the project.

For example, today it’s less important to be able to calculate a TCPI*, but you do need to know how the formula works and what the result means. Then you’ll be able to determine the team’s next steps when facing a TCPI of 0.9.

This step-by-step guide includes easy-to-follow sections that walk you through the nearly 50 formulas you need to understand for the exam (and more). You’ll learn the concept behind the math, the formula itself, and - most importantly - how to interpret the results to take action for the project.

Then test yourself with 160 sample questions covering how to use and interpret the formulas (in both visual and text-based questions), agile project management math, and more. All questions are in line with the question formats you will see on your actual PMP test, including multiple responses, drag and drop, hotspots, and fill-in-the-blank.

You’ll learn:

  • The ‘why’ behind the numbers: what the math is used for and why the formula helps you make better decisions on your projects.
  • How to confidently interpret the results, even if there is more than one variant.
  • The keywords to spot in questions that are your clues to which formula to use.
  • The fastest ways to learn the formulas.
  • How to approach formula-based questions confidently on exam day.

The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide is your authoritative source for understanding the concepts behind the numbers and being equipped to interpret the results. The guide teaches you what is essential for the current exam: how to analyze and interpret the questions and make the best decisions for the project. And that’s a skill that’s handy on the job too!

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM, is one of the world’s leading experts in PMP exam prep, having helped thousands of students successfully gain their certification through his no-nonsense teaching style. He will guide you through the formulas, values, and acronyms you need to know and their detailed explanations so no math questions will bother you on test day.

Don’t study harder: study smarter!

*Wondering what that is? It’s the To Complete Performance Index. The book explains what it’s for and how to use it. Get your copy today!

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