The 50 PMP Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong: Master The Hard Questions - Ace Your PMP Exam - PDF Download

Conquer the most challenging PMP exam topics with this essential guide to the 50 PMP Exam Questions Everyone Gets Wrong. Prepare confidently for the test and breeze through even the hardest questions with this comprehensive guide by renowned PMP exam prep expert Cornelius Fichtner, PMP.

Key Features:

  • Immediate download as a PDF eBook. No shipping required!
  • Step-by-step guide to answering the different PMP question types
  • Expert insights into tackling the 10 most challenging exam topics
  • Strategies to cope with vague and confusing questions on exam day

Key Benefits:

  • Boost your confidence and master the trickiest project management concepts
  • Learn the 'why' behind each question with real stories, examples, and detailed explanations
  • Improve your chances of passing the PMP exam on the first attempt

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Conquer the Toughest PMP Exam Questions: Master Tricky Topics with Cornelius Fichtner's Expert Guidance

There are some topics everyone gets wrong on the PMP® exam. Being able to answer tricky questions can mean the difference between a pass and a fail. Using data from thousands of mock PMP exams and insights from experienced classroom trainers, this book, based on The PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator, will show you the project management concepts that most students struggle to grasp.

However, there is a way to prepare confidently for the test, so you can breeze through even the hardest questions, and renowned PMP exam prep expert Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, can show you how.

This step-by-step guide to the trickiest concepts on the test teaches:

  • How to answer the different PMP question types
  • How to tackle the 10 most challenging exam topics
  • How to use a proven three-step approach for studying with sample questions
  • How to cope with vague and confusing questions on exam day

Using 50 PMP exam sample questions, Cornelius explains the most difficult project management concepts you’ll encounter on the test. Learn the ‘why’ behind each question with real stories, examples and detailed explanations. Test yourself as you read along!

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM, is one of the world’s leading experts in PMP exam prep, having helped thousands of students successfully gain their certification through his no-nonsense teaching style. He will guide you through these 50 extra-hard questions and their detailed explanations, so nothing will faze you on test day.

Don’t study harder: study smarter!

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Here is what Christine A Hayes Munson had to say about it:

Those studying for the PMP® exam will find The 50 PMP® Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong a "must have" study tool for their exam preparation because of its practical test-taking advice, challenging practice questions, and detailed question explanations. If you are studying for the PMP®, you want this book.

Fichtner provides proven guidance on how to approach various exam question types based on his years of helping students pass the PMP®. He places specific emphasis on a strategy to successfully answer situational questions coupling PMBOK® Guide concepts with critical question reading skills.

The book explores ten topics in depth. As a PMP® exam preparation instructor, I know most students struggle these topics. Fichtner’s discussion on each topic simplifies each topic and clearly explains key concepts.

The 50 questions contained in the book and the explanation of each question are the best part of the book. The questions allow students to apply their learnings from the book in an exam situation. Questions are designed to use the various questioning formats found on the exam such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, and list matching. I found the questions challenging and humbling. I’ll admit I missed more than a few on my first attempt. The explanations on why a specific answer is correct or incorrect are the best I have seen in any PMP® exam preparation book.

I highly recommend The 50 PMP® Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong. I’ll be recommending it to my PMP® exam prep students and anyone who asks me advice on how to study for the exam.

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